Workshop: Teaching Kids How To Code!

We kicked off the workshop with first listing out the benefits behind learning how to code. At Dearest, we believe coding is a valuable skill one can start to learn, even at a young age! Aside from developing problem-solving skills and sequential thinking, coding also develops one’s creativity. It’s just like writing in a different language.

This workshop provided tangible resources for our educators to introduce simple coding concepts to children 3 years and up. We focused on fun screen-free activities like building mazes and exploring conditional statements.

Our software developer, Zach, shared with us about his experience learning coding and how it has helped him in his daily life even with something as simple as navigation and scheduling.

One of the fun activities included making some binary bracelets! This activity was centered around teaching the concept of binary code. Using strings and beads, the educators created bracelets by encoding their names with the ASCII code. Find out how to do this activity here

Learning how to code does not have to be intimidating. There are many ways to teach your little ones the concepts behind coding without using computers and fancy toys.

We hope your kids will enjoy these activities in their next sessions with our Dearest educators. You can view all the photos from the event on our Facebook page!

We look forward to sharing more of our events with you in the future! 

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