Space-themed Design Thinking for Ages 3-5!

This Design Thinking Workshop for 3- to 5-year-olds introduced problem-solving skills to the young children where they had to help an alien Dodo get back to his home on Jupiter.

The event kicked off with a little alien song and a mini introduction to the Stanford Design Thinking Method.

Design Thinking Step 1: Asking questions

The children started off by asking questions to Dodo to find out his real needs, and with the help of prompts from some of our Dearest providers, we soon got the ball rolling!

Design Thinking Step 2 & 3: Define needs and ideate

Once the need for Dodo to go back to Jupiter was defined, the children began the ideation process by writing down their ideas on a piece of paper. 

The children shared their ideas with Dodo, many of which included ideas on building a rocket, spaceship, and even a flying disc! Dodo loved hearing about the children’s ideas and was super excited to be traveling back to space with them!

Design Thinking Step 4: Build!

This was the most exciting part where parents and children worked together to build out their ideas. Everyone got their creative juices flowing and we soon had a room filled with super cool DIY rockets, spaceships, and even space suits! 

Design Thinking Step  5: Test what you built!

Once the children were happy with their finalized project, they got to test out their rockets, spaceships, and spacesuits on a trip to space! They were on a mission to help Dodo and bring him back to Jupiter.  

They eventually reached Jupiter and Dodo was happy to be safe and at home, all thanks to the help of the children. It was time for them to go back to Earth! They traveled back to Earth where our Dearest Provider, Jennifer, did a mini Space Storytime as a concluding activity.

The children seemed happy with what they had built; Noah loved his suit so much that he kept it on throughout even after the trip to space! 

The workshop finally came to an end with a short wrap-up and review of the Design Thinking Method. This is a great method to deeply understand other people’s problems and pains, while subsequently trying to build a solution that will help them. Exposure to these problem-solving concepts for your child will put them in good stead for building effective solutions for people. 

We want to extend a big, warm thank you to everyone for coming down and participating in this workshop with us. It was a fun experience and we hope you managed to bring home a small takeaway from this Design Thinking Workshop.

At Dearest, we believe that exposure to thinking and problem-solving concepts are an important part of a child’s learning and education. We can bring these educational activities to your home, through our Dearest Providers. If you’ve enjoyed this event and/or are looking to attend future events, you can sign up for our service here. We hope to see you join us at bigger and better future events!

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