Pizza Making


“Make” one of your child’s favorite meals and get them excited! This activity helps your child recognize shapes and numbers. It also allows your child act as little chefs by adding their own “pizza toppings”!


  • Shape recognition
  • Number recognition

AGE: 1.5 – 3 Years Old

TIME: 10 Mins

CATEGORY: Arts & Crafts, Numeracy, Shapes


  • Colored papers
  • Markers


Using brown paper, cut out a circle for your pizza crust.
Using red paper, cut out a smaller circle to make it as your pizza sauce. Write numbers on this piece of paper.
Cut out a variety of shapes for pizza toppings, and label them with the same numbers as on the pizza sauce.
Ask your child to match the pizza toppings according to numbers on the pizza sauce.


  • At step 4, engage your child by asking them about the shape of the pizza topping they are adding so that they can practice recognizing shapes as well.
  • Add another level to the activity by introducing the colors of typical pizza toppings! E.g. cheese is usually yellow, vegetables are green, Pepperoni is red, etc, for them to recognize colors too.

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