NYC Parents: Updating the Outdated Afterschool Options

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The name of the game of afterschool childcare and early enrichment in New York City can feel like unmitigated, accidentally ‘reply all’, Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 5, stress. Finding that quality afterschool care feels important, all-consuming, make it or break it, because, for many of us, it is. 

Too often, parents are forced to decide between two extremes: enrolling in afterschool programs that deploy worksheet after worksheet in an effort to keep young children seated and quiet (and offer little by way of academic enrichment) or hiring wildly expensive part-time childcare. 

There is a raft of research, both in the US and abroad, highlighting the importance of child-centered, interest-driven education in early childhood. And the hours between school pick-up and dinner time are perfectly positioned to build upon and deepen, the skills young learners are exposed to during the school day. Using those precious hours to develop children’s unique interests, their wonder, and their love of learning can unlock a world of potential.

But what’s the key? Dearest. 

At Dearest, we connect NYC’s top educators with families who are looking for afterschool childcare and more personalized learning for their little ones. Our educators place a developmentally appropriate emphasis on children’s cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development and not just their whereabouts. Dearest afterschool sessions can be either 1:1 or small-group, but each is designed to be interest-driven and highly engaging. After the school pickup, Dearest educators extend little one’s learning through educational activities and projects that do more than strengthen skills, they promote a lifelong love of learning. For an example of a Dearest schedule please see below! 

Interested in booking a Dearest educator for your afterschool needs? Visit for more information or email us at!

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