Literacy and Numeracy Pop-up Summer Camp

We had a wonderful time at our first ever Literacy and Numeracy Pop-up Camp! Kids ages 2.5 to 7 joined us for a week of fun and learning! 

The camp was specifically designed for accelerated learners with exceptional literary and mathematical talents. For the school-aged children, we curated and designed activities that focused on advanced concepts in geometry (2D vs 3D), patterns, operations, with an introduction to financial literacy and coding. They also had the opportunity to build their reading and writing skills through word building, writing prompts, vocabulary expansion, and many more. The toddlers were exposed to numeracy and literacy topics such as number sense, representation, spatial sense, patterns, concepts of print, letter knowledge, and other play-based learning.

From blasting off to outer space to exploring their taste buds, each day was themed filled with games, stories, songs, and projects!  

We hunted for space rocks and made rockets for our letter recognition and word building activity! 

The big kids were given an opportunity to show some of their projects to the toddlers class. They introduced “KidRobot,” a robot they built as a team, after learning about 2D and 3D shapes. They also gladly shared their dioramas of habitats. 

On Animal day, the toddler class used simple household items such as shaving cream and ice to replicate the feel of the Antarctic! Aside from sensory play, we incorporated fine motor practice in a variety of activities throughout the week like making jellyfish with pipe cleaners, scooping beads, painting, and so much more!

The week wouldn’t be complete without story time! Reading books is a fantastic way to spark a child’s curiosity and imagination.

Look at our kid engineers! Teacher Jolisa tested their logical and reasoning skills by creating their own code and decoding secret messages. They also learned the binary code by making name bracelets. 

The little ones made their own pattern bracelets and clock after learning how to tell time with Teacher Yorleny!

On Thursday, the school-aged kids had some fun under the sun learning about units of measurement, before joining the little ones at the library nearby. The NYPL Hudson Park Branch was so gracious to host us for a private library tour and sessions!  

Check out the airplane craft and road maze our students made on our transportation-themed day!

Introducing new foods to young children can be challenging sometimes. On our last day, we did food painting and created edible arrangements to promote healthy eating. The school-aged class covered different types of vitamins and food categorization.

It’s never too early to learn about financial literacy! They practiced their addition skills and tackled budgeting through a simulation of the grocery shopping experience.

Ending the camp with some new friends was the cherry on top of a week of learning opportunities! Looking to recreate this whole week experience in the comfort of your home? Email us at and we can make it happen!

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