How To Teach Your Child To Care for the Environment

April 22 is Earth Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness on the important environmental issues and the initiatives on protecting our environment. Celebrating this annual event is a great opportunity to instill a passion for caring about Mother Earth! With the global climate changing faster than ever before, we, as parents, must proactively take part in reducing the amount of waste and energy that we consume. One of the things we can do is to start involving our little ones in activities conserving the environment. After all, they are our future and cultivating good habits in the next generation is just as important! 
So, how do we teach our kids to take care of the world we live in? We have compiled a list of books and activity ideas that parents and educators can use to teach about environment and sustainability. 


  • Don’t Throw That Away! by Lara Bergen and Betsy Snyder
    Made out of 100% recycled material, this book is perfect for ages 2-5 to learn about endangered animals. Its rhyming text and lift-the-flaps keep the little ones engaged throughout the book!
  • The EARTH Book by Todd Parr
    This picture book offers practical tips for children to learn how to be more environmentally conscious in their everyday lives. 
  • It’s Earth Day! (Little Critter) by Alison Inches
    Follow Little Critter on his mission to slow down global warming! This book great for introducing the concept of reducing, reusing, and recycling to toddlers.


  • Cardboard Pizza Oven
    Exemplify the concept of reusing by making “pizza” and a “pizza oven” with unwanted cardboard! Besides, imaginative play is great for children to practice and develop their language and social skills too.
  • Family Earth Hours
    Earth hour may only officially occur once every year, having your own monthly Earth Hours could help your family get used to actively conserving energy and being more environmentally-conscious. Take it as an opportunity to bond with your little ones too! Check out other you can do with your child for Earth Hour here.
  • Superhero Cuffs
    After reading a book about the environment, reuse toilet paper rolls and create superhero cuffs with your child. With a little encouragement, imagination, and their new cuffs, they are now ready to take on the responsibility of saving the Earth! 
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