How To Help Our Children Learn Better

According to research, the first 8 years of a child’s life is the most crucial period for learning, that directly impacts their future success and well-being.

We have gathered 3 research-backed books and articles that are useful for parents and educators to learn more about how the little ones learn, and what we can do to support their learning.

1. The Importance of Being Little by Erika Christakis

  • American early childhood educator and writer, Erika Christakis, reassures adults of children’s inherent ability to learn and solve problems. In the book, she urges parents and educators to encourage the unique ways in which children express themselves, in order for them to learn effectively. Based heavily on academic research and anecdotal evidence, The Importance of Being Little offers insights on how preschoolers learn best and practical advice on how we can help create and support such an environment. For parents who wish to gain an eye-opening perspective on how kids learn, add this highly reviewed book to your list of must-reads!

2. The Power of Interest for Motivation and Engagement by K. Ann Renninger and Suzanne E. Hidi

  • Your child could be interested in robots, cooking, sports, art, or all of the above. With the myriad of options, we may not realize how powerful one’s interest is as a tool for learning. As the title suggests, this book provides an academic deep dive into the concept of interest and how it can be used as a force for effective learning. As parents and educators, we can apply this knowledge to the activities and projects that we do with our children. Allowing the sessions to be child-centered is key to motivation and to achieve effective engagement.

3. The Alarming Disappearance of Play by Ageliki Nicolopoulou

  • In this article, Ageliki discusses how preschools are great for preparing children to be school-ready, but how they also fail to realize that younger and older children learn differently. The Alarming Disappearance of Play describes how young children rely heavily on play, exploration, and imagination to figure out the world around them, and how it is important to integrate play into the educational preschool curriculum.

We hope that these recommended books and articles give you a better understanding of how young children learn and how we, as parents and educators, can help them. Our signature Dearest curriculum was derived from the world’s top programs and research including these books and articles to ensure effective learning. We strongly believe in a project-based, personalized, and child-centered approach to allow them to become the little dreamers and explorers that they are. Together with our handpicked educators, we plan the sessions with educational projects, interactive games, and hands-on activities tailored to your child’s interests. Click here to learn more about us!

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