How Can I Teach Math To My Little One?

We met with a group of amazing moms of 1-5 year olds, and welcomed them to our new office in Tribeca. We engaged in conversation about introducing numeracy to children as young as 18 months. According to research, Math is just as important as literacy, if not more, because it lays the foundation for future learning, but how do you help your little one develop early Math skills? Many existing programs are out-dated, information is fragmented, and available worksheets and apps are not always developmentally appropriate.

To help solve these issues, we developed our Dearest Math Curriculum as a resource for parents and their childcare providers to bridge the gap between introducing Math at home and learning it in a more structured setting. At Dearest, we believe in building a positive relationship with the subject early on because it greatly impacts a child’s confidence in solving complex problems in the future.

In the Dearest Math Curriculum, a new set of activities will be sent to you electronically every week that include easy-to-follow instructions, materials, and tips that focus on Early Numeracy. All the activities are interactive and non-screen based to keep your child engaged and make the whole learning experience fun! Our Dearest educators who are trained in the Singapore Math method can also come in weekly with these developmentally-appropriate activities that you or your childcare providers can carry out. This will give them the opportunity to learn first-hand how to interact with your little one and what the best approach is in teaching him/her. Our education coordinator will suggest the right content and track one’s progress to personalize the learning journey of each child.

We are starting our beta with 18 to 36 month-olds. If you are interested in taking part in our pilot program, email us at and we will get in touch!

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