Global Readiness Workshop for Ages 3-8

Last Saturday, we traveled around the world for our Global Readiness Workshop! Children ages 3-8 joined us for a trip to learn about other countries’ customs and traditions on celebrating birthdays. Along with our Dearest educators, they visited China, South Africa, and Mexico for an immersive, multicultural experience!

Did you know that, in China, people believe that tigers protect children? Family members bring gifts of clothing or toys decorated with tigers. So during our first stop, the kids created a tiger paper plate craft using plates, colored paper, and glue! 

The next destination was South Africa! Our Dearest Educator, Busi, who is originally from South Africa, shared a click song called, Ogxam by Miriam Makeba. As she sang, the kids enjoyed tapping their laps to the rhythm of the clicks.

Hola! Last stop was Mexico! Marissa shared her family’s culture and how she celebrated her birthdays as a kid. They played the “Mexican Jumping Bean Dance” then concluded with a piñata – which they have learned, has a long, rich history and is now widely used during fiestas as a form of entertainment. The children were so excited about the treats! 

We also gave out interactive passports as a souvenir of their travels with us! 

For the second part of the workshop, we partnered with Msterio, a non-profit organization, that connects children all over the world through handcrafted gifts. The kids had a blast designing the dolls and learning about how they can keep track of the countries their dolls will travel to! With their creativity and imagination, each doll turned out to be unique in its own special way. 

At Dearest, we believe that learning about other countries’ cultures is an important part of a child’s upbringing. This workshop is a way for them to develop an interest in other people’s customs and traditions, and understand them in a broader context. We hope to raise our little ones as globally-aware citizens who would maybe, one day, change the world. 

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