Free Online Courses On Parenting and Education

As parents, we all want to provide the best for our child. That is why we book mandarin classes, math lessons, and all sorts of programs that would benefit them during the critical years. While there are many great programs for children, what about useful courses for parents?

At Dearest, we believe in supporting parents in their pursuit of making sure their children are future-ready. Besides launching a highly personalized preschool program for toddlers, we have also compiled 5 free courses for parents who are looking for resources to learn more about parenting and education. These courses are completely FREE and are 100% online to support your busy lifestyle.

1. The Science Of Parenting

  • This course is for the parents who are bombarded with advice from elders or fellow parents. What should babies eat? How should we discipline toddlers? Which theory to believe in? To help parents in that situation, The Science Of Parenting course focuses on research studies conducted by scientists to help parents make evidence-based decisions.

2. Introduction to Developmental Psychology

  • Learn more about how infants and toddlers grow and develop skills to navigate the world they live in. Parents and educators can apply the knowledge to daily interactions with children, to make sure that they are given the attention and care they need to thrive.

3. Positive Behavior Support for Young Children

  • It is important to support the social-emotional development of children at a young age. This course aims to teach parents and educators with different methods to help create a safe and nurturing environment for children. *Course dates to be announced.

4. What Future For Education?

  • Delve deep into your personal understanding of education and its purposes. How do we learn? What makes a good teacher? Each lesson helps us think deeper about the future of education. We can apply the learnings to how we teach our children at home and in schools.

5. The Place of Music in 21st Century Education

  • For all parents and educators interested in the music education and how technology plays a part in the current methods used, this course is for you. Explore different schools and be exposed to a range of teaching and learning strategies in the realm of music education. Who knows? Maybe we could start integrating those approaches in our homes and schools too.

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