Lunch and Learn Part 2!

We hosted another Lunch and Learn for parents with 1 to 5-year-olds and this time, we brought it to Midtown East! It’s always a fantastic time for us to share more about Singapore Math, the Dearest Math curriculum, and how Dearest sessions can promote the student’s development. Through the discussions with the parents, we gained many useful insights, and we are sharing some interesting questions raised by the parents: 

How do you teach Math to my 2-year-old?

Early numeracy is often overlooked in early childhood programs. Some preschool teachers tend to shy away from teaching Math because they don’t see themselves as “math persons.” But like literacy, math can be taught through play. One of our goals at Dearest is for young children to build a positive relationship with the subject early on. Hence, we developed a “Dearest Math Curriculum” that incorporates early numeracy in fun activities like storytelling, sing-a-longs, craft projects, etc. Research shows that introducing mathematical terms and concepts at a young age also prepares them to tackle complex topics in the future.

How did you develop the Dearest Math Curriculum?

The “Dearest Math Curriculum” is a collaboration amongst our curriculum development team, advisors from Teachers College Columbia University, and other experts in the field. Influenced by the Singapore Math program, we have carefully designed the sequence of topics based upon the child development theory to build a solid foundation for future Math learning. All the activities in the Dearest Math Curriculum are interactive and non-screen based using everyday objects to keep your child engaged and make the whole learning experience fun! As Dearest recognizes that every child learns differently, we personalize the learning journey of your little one through an evaluation tool our educators will use every session.

What’s the difference between Dearest educators and childcare providers?

All Dearest educators have a minimum Bachelor’s degree and proven experience in teaching and childcare. Additionally, they undergo a rigorous vetting process. We screen them through interviews, background check, practical tests, and references. Each Dearest session is planned and reported. Our Educational Coordinator monitors the development of each child to suggest the right content.

We are excited to host more Lunch and Learn’s as it is a great opportunity for us to learn about your little ones and better customize the learning experience for them! Let us know where you want to have our next Math session by sending us an email at! Stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter or liking us on Facebook

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