Discovery Science Summer Camp!

Our Discovery Science Summer Camp began with a mini introduction to the life of plants, which featured up close interaction with a Venus Flytrap. The kids were fascinated by the tiny hairs on the lobes of the flytrap used for trapping insects. We then talked about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. 

Rebecca, our Dearest Science Camp Teacher sang and danced a song while giving the children a chance to show off their own moves!

Up next was a sensory and creativity play activity where they got to build their own ecosystem; there were crayons, play dough, flowers, animals and all sorts of exploratory material for them to use. 

Each little explorer also got to play with and decorate their own telescope that they used to observe their environment. 

Our little explorers then headed outside where they made use of their observational skills and drew what they saw. They all had a set of binoculars they could use to watch closely and observe how nature moved around them.

We made use of our sense of touch, sight, smell, and hearing while exploring the garden. Their faces scrunched up slightly as our little explorers took a whiff of the mint in their hands and exclaimed, “It smells like mint!”

Our explorers then took a closer look at the Venus Flytrap to see if it had gotten any bugs trapped in it. They even tried catching some ants to feed to the carnivorous plant! After being out in the garden, we got the chance to plant our very own seeds! This sensory activity got our little explorers testing out their fine motor skills when placing the soil into the eggshells and planting their own seeds.

To sum it up, the camp was an eye-opening experience for all and we can bring this summer camp to you! Drop an email to for any inquiries. Alternatively, you can also view Rebecca’s profile and book her for personalized sessions.

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