Design Thinking Workshop For Ages 3-5 Round 2!

This time round we held a drop-off session to promote greater interaction among the children and boy was it exciting! Some came all decked out in their very own space clothes!

We started off with a fizzy science experiment of exploding planets – a sensory activity for the children to learn about basic chemical reactions. They definitely enjoyed the process of getting their hands dirty. 

Not long after that, Dodo made his debut appearance! You can see from the faces of the children that everyone had different reactions to this strange orange puppet from outer space!

Someone was quick to get up on his feet and point out “This is Jupiterrrrr!”  

He was soon corrected by another two who pointed out that that was in fact, the sun, and that Jupiter was the fifth planet from the sun. It was a learning process for everyone!

We then moved on to play a mini space game called “Don’t drop the asteroid”! In this outer space game, the little space explorers had to keep all the asteroids (balloons) up in the air while the music played. When the music stopped they all grabbed an asteroid and froze!

After the game, we settled down and began with Design Thinking Step 1: Asking questions. The key was to ask Dodo questions to find out about his needs and the problem he was facing.

We used this as a framework outline for the Design Thinking Workshop, based off of the Stanford method. (You can read more about the Design Thinking Method here.)

Upon defining the need (Design Thinking Step 2: Identifying the need) that Dodo needed to go back to his home on Jupiter, we set out on a process of coming up with ideas (Design Thinking Step 3: Ideation) on how to help. The children came up with fantastic ideas on building a rocket ship! Not without building some space helmets first! 

Soon after, we left our space helmets to dry and got started on the building process of our rocket ships (Design Thinking Step 4: Building)! There were plenty of materials for everyone to choose from and start building. 

Everyone got busy with custom designing their very own individual rocket ships. They used tapes, paper plates, buttons, and a whole bunch of other recycled materials to build.

Dodo asked Jason, “What are you building? ” as he saw the boy wrap some tape over some silver shapes. He responded, “I’m packing some food to bring to space so we can eat in the rocket ship!” How brilliant!!

Once they were done decorating, most of them were pretty proud of what they had built. Some even liked chilling out in their little rocket ships.  

Up next was the trip to space! This was Design Thinking Step 5: Testing what they had built. Some were a little apprehensive while others were really excited to see what lay behind the dark curtain!

They were fascinated by the flickering lights and atmosphere in the “space room.” Most importantly, they helped Dodo get home and back on Jupiter!

Once we were out of the space room, we reviewed our activities and discussed how it felt to help Dodo get back to his home. We framed design thinking as a tool you can use to help people save aliens!

A group photo with their rocket ships!

We want to extend a big, warm thank you to everyone for coming down and participating in this workshop with us. 

At Dearest, we believe that exposure to empathizing and problem-solving concepts are an important part of a child’s learning and education. We can bring these educational activities to your home, through our Dearest Providers, given our focus on personalized learning. If you’ve enjoyed this event and/or are looking to attend future events, you can sign up for our service here. We hope to see you join us at bigger and better future events!

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