Dearest’s Pop-Up Summer Camp: Adventureland

Dearest summer camp group photo

Academic adventurers, come one, come all!  Last week we wrapped up our three day pop-up summer camp, Adventureland, for young learners aged four to seven. Our research-based approach, drawing from the latest findings from top education institutions and the classroom practices of master educators, focused on the skills and mindsets found to make a lasting and positive difference in children’s educational attainment and their lives.  

Day 1

The first day of camp was a deep dive (pun intended!) into the water cycle.  Children identified and explained the parts of the water cycle and interacted with water in its solid, liquid, and gaseous states!  The adventurers also designed boats out of a square of aluminum foil. They then made and tested their hypothesis predicting how many pennies their boat could hold before sinking using counting, cardinality, and pattern recognition.  

Day 2

After learning about the great diversity of animal life and homes in the tropical rainforest, students constructed their own habitat using only recycled and natural materials and presented their final product. Next, we worked on identifying and manipulating individual sounds in spoken words via vowel and consonant dot stamping to strengthen children’s phonemic awareness.  We ended the day with an activity that promoted both teamwork and fine motor skills, making rainsticks!

Day 3

During the final day of camp, our adventurers traveled around the world with homemade passports. We stopped in China and South Africa, where students read aloud from informational texts, used context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words, practiced using chopsticks, and completed numeracy word problems! We then journeyed to the Dominican Republic where Keyla, our lead teacher, immersed our adventurers in Spanish and simple addition using the currency of the Dominican Republic: the Dominica Peso.  During our sweet surprise, making ice cream, children learned about the many practical applications for math and were introduced to fractions!

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