We hosted our first-ever Dearestgiving for our educators to celebrate the amazing year that has been! It’s always an enlightening experience to gather inspiring individuals, with diverse backgrounds and skills, who share a common dream to make an impact in children’s futures. 

With the community growing, some new and seasoned Dearest educators were meeting each other for the first time! We did a “speed meeting” icebreaker to kick things off.  

Of course, our delicious lunch wouldn’t be complete without a few takeaways. At this event, we tackled “mindfulness” which has become one of the buzzwords in the early childhood space. Our Dearest educator, Sylvia, led the conversation by starting with how kids as well as adults could very much benefit on practicing mindfulness in our day-to-day. After she shared some simple mindfulness activity ideas, everyone jumped in and engaged in conversation!

Valerie, an Art teacher, shared this book called “Sitting Like a Frog” by Eline Snel, which she has used in her classroom to exercise mindfulness with her students.  One of Rebecca’s yoga teachers always reminds them to “focus on what you are than what you are not.” It’s important to be able to step back and recognize what you or your students have accomplished than putting emphasis on the things you cannot do.

We wrapped up this intimate event by looking back at all the wonderful sessions they have done and the tremendous growth of their students. These stories are a great reminder as to why we do what we do. It was definitely an afternoon filled with exciting ideas, contagious laughs, and unforgettable memories! We look forward to growing our community of educators and families even more in the coming year! 

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