Dearest Visits The Commons

With the end of winter in sight, the Dearest team headed to The Commons, a beautiful Upper East Side coworking space for home professionals, consultants, and freelancers, to talk about our project-based, exploration centered school readiness program and the future of work.

School Readiness Program

We were excited to share the news about our School Readiness Program, designed to support and promote children’s school readiness by focusing on both cognitive and non-cognitive skills. Many young children experience separation anxiety and a steep social-emotional learning curve when they first start pre-K or kindergarten in the fall. Our personalized, small-group classes help to ease that transition while also promoting children’s critical thinking, creativity and self-direction to ensure they enter the classroom with a strong academic foundation and love of learning.

To learn more about hosting a School Readiness Program in your home, schedule a call with us here.  To join a School Readiness Program, search for a conveniently located group here.

Future of Work

How and where people work has changed dramatically over the last ten years, particularly with the advent of technological advancements and the rise of social media. America’s workforce is more gig-based, experience focused, and oriented towards quality family time than ever before, but many of the services provided to working parents have not yet adapted to this change and are neither convenient nor flexible.

We’ve seen a new generation of men and women voicing the desire to take a more active role in parenting and their child’s education; the 9-5 early childcare system is no longer meeting their needs. Dearest provides parents the opportunity to request customized early childhood care or classes that fit within their schedule.  We love hearing from parents who relay to us how our programmatic flexibility has empowered them to work anytime, anywhere!

For more information about our programs, classes, and educators, please reach out to us at  

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