Button Butterfly


Make use of the spare buttons at home to exercise your child’s fine motor and counting skills! This activity is an interactive way for your child to remember number sequence and practice their pincer grip. Decorating the butterflies also provides a creative outlet for your child to express themselves, either through painting, coloring, drawing, or using different colored buttons!


  • Number recognition
  • Counting
  • Fine Motor Practice

AGE: 2 – 4 Years Old

TIME: 15 Mins

CATEGORY: Numeracy, Motor Skills


  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Buttons
  • Other art materials to decorate their butterflies! (Paint, Markers, Crayons, etc.)


Cut out paper butterflies in various sizes. (Tip: Fold the paper in half to make those wings uniform in size!)
Label the butterflies from 1 to 10.
Guide your toddler to stick buttons on each butterfly according to the labeled number.


  • Allow your child to decorate their butterfly using different art mediums! As toddlers have yet to develop verbal skills to communicate, decorating provides an outlet for them to express their feelings.
  • While counting the buttons, introduce the cardinality principle (one of the counting principles in early numeracy) by telling your toddler that the last number used to count the group of buttons represents how many there are in the group.

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