Alphabet Race Track

literacy and motor skills activity


Do this activity to promote your child’s literacy and numeracy skills! This is great for the little ones to learn letter order and counting.


  • Letter recognition
  • Counting
  • Fine motor practice

AGE: 3 – 5 Years Old

TIME: 10 Mins

CATEGORY: Literacy, Numeracy


  • Paper
  • Markers
  • Toy Car


Draw the race track on a piece of paper.
Ask your child to recite the letters of the alphabet, and write it on each section of the race track.
Go through each letter on the track with the toy car. Depending on your child’s age, teach what each letter stands for.


  • Play the Alphabet song on repeat while doing this activity, to reinforce the alphabet order.
  • This race track can also serve as a mini board game! Incorporate counting in it by saying a letter and having your child count the number of spaces it takes to arrive at the said letter.

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