Alphabet Matching Puzzles

upper and lower case activity for kids


Combine the joy of puzzles with the importance of early literacy to teach your child the difference between upper and lower case letters.


  • Letter recognition
  • Fine motor practice

AGE: 2 – 4 Years Old

TIME: 10 Mins

CATEGORY: Literacy, Motor Skills


  • Paper
  • Markers
  • Glue/Tape


Cut different shapes and figures (for example: egg, heart, square, flower) out of a piece of paper or foam.
Cut each shape in half differently.
On one half of the shape, write the uppercase form of a letter (A). Write the lowercase form of the letter (a) on the other half.
Paste one half of each shape onto a separate piece of paper. Be sure to leave room for the corresponding half.
Have your child match the uppercase letters with the correct lowercase letters.


  • Improve your child’s phonemic awareness by focusing on individual letters, naming different words that start with that letter. Isolate the repeated, common sound for each individual word.
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