Alphabet Animals


This activity is great for introducing new letters of the alphabet to your child, especially for visual learners. Repetition of the letter and creating an illustration for each letter will help your child retain the new information better.


  • Letter recognition
  • Fine motor practice

AGE: 2 – 3 Years Old

TIME: 15 Mins

CATEGORY: Literacy, Motor Skills


  • Paper
  • Tape/Glue
  • Markers
  • Other craft materials (i.e. Pipe cleaners, pompoms, colored markers, paint, decorative tape, etc.)


Cut out the shape of the letter and paste it on a piece of paper
Make an animal out of the letter. (e.g. donkey for the letter D, mouse for the letter M, pig for the letter P)


  • Make the sound of each letter while doing this activity! Learning the relationship between letters and sounds helps develop your child’s phonemic awareness, which is a crucial skill for toddlers to master before they learn how to read and write.
  • Utilize other sensory materials to make the craft! Pipe cleaners, modeling clay, and pom poms are great for sensory play, which encourages the development of motor skills.

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